So I don’t know how many of you reside in the state I call home or hae even been here, but I think it is time I talked about home. I realize that I have spent the better part of my 18 years hating it because of our crappy winters, and only as I moved away from home did I learn to (sort of) appreciate it. So here are the top ten reasons why I like minnesota.
1) My family is here. As I moved away from home I realized how much I love my family and I understood why my parents put up with shoveling, snow tires and crappy roads for nine months out of the year. Because they are surrounded with the people they love. That sure makes leaving hard.
2) Cabins! I happen to have the BEST cabin in all of Minnesota (even though it is actually in WI- but my family has the best cabin out of all minnesotan’s cabins) It is past this small town called Cushing, WI and some of my most fond memories are at the cabin. It is one of my favorite places in the world.
3) Minnesota Nice. It probably sounds cliche but people are actually pretty nice up here. Sometime people from other places just blow me away with their rude-ness.
4) The warm summers. Even though the winters are crappy, summers are generally great!
5) THE GOPHERS! The best college sports teams EVER!
6) The Twins! They aren’t the best this year, but they have a few world series’ under their belts, so don’t count them out!
7) It’s PRETTY!! Especially Duluth!
8)Downtown Minneapolis!! It’s FUN and there’s tons of stuff to do!
9) You can chop down your own christmas tree! not that I have ever done this, but my friends who live in the boondocks all have!
10) It’s Minnesota. Need I say more??

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iMe Encanta!

Well this title holds lots of meaning!  First, it is in spanish because i have been doing spanish ALL DAY and so part of my mind is in total spanish mode.  And for those of you who don’t hablar, it translates to I Love which is the motto by which I try to live my life.  I try to love everything and everyone!  So instead of doing a stereotypical “favorites” post, you get a iMe Encanta! post!!

Aqui son las cosas en mi vida que me encanta:

My Family!! (L-R: Eric, Mom, Me, Dad Ellie) this was us in the Dominican Republic 2 Years ago. Extended family, I am thankful for all of you too, I just don't have a picture of everyone, so I am stating my thanks for you here!

There they are- the high school besties!! I would say these 5 were the reason I love CDH so much!! Ya'll are AWESOME!!

Worry not college besties! You were not forgotten!! LOVE YOU TOO an you're the reason I love CSS so much!!

This is for my love of dance! I realize I am not at a fill 180 split in this jump, but I swear I CAN do it, it was just bad picture timing 😉 This also represents my love for my dance girls too!!

running/working out!!

Last, but not least is my love for myself. I know I am not the most confidant or secure person out there. I know I have a lot of work to do before I am actually pleased with how I look and perform at work and in school. But I do know that it is something I am working on, so for now, I am just goin to love me!

So I hope you know that this is just a smidge of all of the things I am so grateful for!!  If you are one of the fabulous people on the list- I love you and appreciate your presence in my life!  So this week should be a lot of work, but SO worth it because SPRING BREAK STARTS WEDNESDAY AT 6!!!!  YEAH BUDDY!!

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