Unless you are a chem major, you don’t have a clue what C8H10N4O2 actually means.  But it is the formula for Caffeine!  My Favorite!  Well, coffee is my favorite, but finding out the chemical makeup of a molecule of coffee beam would be a pain, so I like this one better!  Before I launch into my post about C8H10N4O2, I just want to quickly explain where the letters and numbers come from because I am a nerd like that!

The name C8H10N4O2 simply means that there are 8 carbons, 10 Hydrogens, 4 Nitrogens, and 2 Oxygens in every molecure of caffiene and they are all put together like this:

Nerdy, huh?  Well since OChem has consumed my life right now, I thought maybe you’t find it a little interesting?  No? Well thats okay too!

So on the the exciting part of the post, how this is relating to my life at all, funny you should ask, here’s how it works:

C: Coffee- I have drank a lot of this week, chemistry- I have done countless hours of chem since returning, candy- which I gave up this week, Camo- which Kat wears a lot, cider vinegar- which I am attempting to try to drink a little bit of every day becasue it is really good for your tummy.  I have thus been unsuccessful because it tastes awful, cedar- the apartment that I live in.

8: the number of credits of school I am taking- minus 10, the number of days I wish there were a week, the number of degrees it feels like outside here in Duluth!

H: Hair- I straightened mine today, hamstrings- worked mine hard this morning, hangover- a movie I have never seen but don’t really find myself feeling like I missed out on, Heart- because Valentines is coming up, huskies- this cutes puppies ever, hockey- its hockey season!

10: The time of my first class tomorrow (bio lab), the number of pages of notes I have to study for my anatomy test on friday, the number of minutes that the brownies I am making the class that I TA for need to cook.

N: Nano- the small sized drink at my cute science themed coffee shop, no gluten or dairy or junk food in my diet, negative temps in duluth last week,

4: The number of liters of water I am supposed to drink every day, the time I get off of work tomorrow, number of miles I am working towards running in 25 mins.

O: old- which I am starting to feel like, since I’m almost 20, oatmeal- a food I have recently coe to enjoy, obliques- mine are sore today, Outta here- which is where I want to be when I see the thermometer every day!

2: Cups of coffee I had today, the number of times I have talked to family memebers on the phone today, the number of mangos and green peppers I got at cub today, the number of days left until the weekend!!!!!

So for all who were skeptical that this would turn out, here I turned a chem lesson into a creative post!!


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