What on Earth is this stuff?

Has anyone heard of this stuff before?

Me neither.  I just drank one too… cuz it has 833% of your daily value of vitamin C in one tube mixed with 20 oz of water.  That’s a lot of immunity boosting power!!  Especially of you are feeling yourself get sick.  Like me.

My friend gave me this stuff and after a quick scan of the supplement facts and ingredients, I figured it couldnt do any harm, so I slammed that and chased it with protein shake.  #lifeofanathelete

I didnt exactly realize how funny that sounded until I typed that out…

In other news…

Today, I bring to you, my personal top 5 workout songs for the week!  I know most of them are old, but they get me through a long workout, so here they are if you wanna try them out.

1) What You Know by T.I.

2) Country Must be Country Wide by Brantly Gilbert

3) Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

4) Remember the Name by Fort Minor

5) Hotel California by The Eagles

I don’t realy know what makes all these so special.  I guess I love the T.I.  song because I remember it being Joe Mauer’s walk-up song last year.  Brantly Gilbert made the list because, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, your workou playlist needs a little country.  Who doesn’t love Simple Man?  I don’t know!  Today I was listening to it as I was getting really tired, and this got me through it!  Remember the Name by Fort Minor.  It’s only the best workout song ever  made (well… Heart of a Champion by Nelly was good too, but thats not on my iPod so it couldn’t make the list).  And finally, The Eagles.  I have wanted to dance to this song for a long time.  So when this song comes on, I just go to dance land in my head and don’t even think about how hard my workout is getting.  Works out pretty well!

So here are some ideas if you need new (old) music for the gym!

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