1. Who doesn’t like to eat?

Well if you’re anything like me, you like to eat a lot!

So here is some good food for you to either try, or just read the recipes and think about how good this will taste.
The Best Protein Shake

So, I am starting to notice that this tab is SUPER conflicting with the rest of the blog, because this is supposed to be on fitness,a dn now im giving you 10,000 ways to ruin your workout.  So here is begins the “healthy food” section of the food section.  This will enhance all of your workouts if you drink if a half hour after you work out.  It tates pretty good as far a protein shakes go and will help your body build muscle, and prevent your muscles from getting sore tomorrow.  Plus, more pretein in your diet is a good thing for any athelete.  So this is the best recipe I have come up with in my time of protein shake making.

what you need

1 serving of chocolate flavored whey protein powder

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 c ice

milk to desired consistancy

BLEND all ingredients for a shake that actually tastes pretty darn good!  the peanut butter is tasty and adds a few extra grams of protein and gets you some of that healthy unsaturated fat.


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