I started this blog to talk about running.  But it has not ended up being anywhere near that!!  Haha things not turning out how they are supposed to is pretty much the story of my life!!   And to be honest, I hate running, four years later.  I find that rowing, kickboxing, dance and lifting weights are much more entertaining.

Recently, I have become outraged by the food industry in our country.  I believe that it is become less about getting people the healthy, nutrient-rich foods needed to fuel their bodies and more about making money.  A lot of money.  It is ridiculous how companies are allowed to trick us with their deceptive labels and ingredients hidden beneath 10 different names.  I believe that if the American public knew the true extent of how messed up our food industry (and the bodies that regulate it) really are, that we would vote with our dollars to put an end to processed foods that make us so unhealthy.

So as a student who has studied the inner-workings of the human body, as I hold a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry and am currently pursuing my doctorate in physical therapy, I want to be able to explain to people WHY food in our country is so cracked.  And once you understand the nature of the trap, you just might be able to get out of it.


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