on June 14, 2015

Remember when I said that it wasn’t just bread and potatoes?

It’s not- but that’s what the FDA wants you to think it is and that’s what they show it being on their stupid myPyramid.  Carbohydrates are sugars.  Notice how sugar wasn’t a macromolecule?  That’s because its a carb.

Now let’s go back in time to when we were cavemen.  Cavemen used to gorge themselves when they could because they didn’t know when their next meal was coming.  So the things that they would’ve eaten the most were fruits and veggies, or primitive farmers would’ve had wheat and rice and stuff, which are full of carbs.

Now I chose to start with carbs because when you eat, your body starts with carbs too.  So say you just ate, and your body is going to start using the carbs you at and start putting the carbs away in your liver as what is called glycogen.  Glycogen is used up right away.  If you don’t overeat your carbs, you eat it, store it as glycogen (which basically just makes it easier for your body to metabolize) and you convert the glycogen to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which your cells use to… idk like LIVE.  That’s why carbs in moderation ARE FINE because you take it in, store it and use it and it leaves no trace.

Problems come in when we eat two bagels (hey I like bagels as much as the next guy, but the carb level in them is off the charts) or a candy bar or really anything carby.  When you can’t use all of the glycogen right away, your body needs to put that glucose into long-term storage.  Well, how does our body store food we don’t use?????


Your body stores superfluous sugar as adipose tissue, fat, flubber, fluff, whatever you want to call it.  This particular phenomenon is why people like to say “sugar makes you fat” and nothing could be truer.

So cavemen would’ve been jacked to have enough carbs to store as fat, because fat, as we will discuss later is used when we are out of carbs.  So when cavemen ran out of carbs, or there was a famine, they could use what they had stored up, much like a camel stores up water.


One response to “Carbohydrates

  1. I suppose I should correct that glucose is converted to CO2 and the oxidation of glucose is what PRODUCES ATP. It is not converted to ATP

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