Biochemistry 101

on June 13, 2015

I start Physical Therapy School next week!  WHAT???

In my time off, I have noticed that I clearly missed school and have found myself reading and watching a zillion science articles and documentaries.  I know.  I’m a nerd.  But my adventures into science have taught me that more people should be nerds.  Why?  because the world right now is revolving around science.  The cleaners you use in your house?  Chemists made those.  The makeup you put on your face?  A chemist made that (a biochemist MAY HAVE helped).  And by far the worst offender- the “food” we feed our bodies with?  Yeah you can thank someone’s PhD in chemistry for that bad boy too.

Biochemistry.  Most people don’t really like that class.  The chem majors shrug it off because compared to P Chem, its a cake walk.  The bio majors scoff at it because its “Way too chemical for us” and “I thought once I finished my year of Ochem I was excused from chemistry classes” and the worst answer “I’ll never use it anyway”.  The business and psych majors don’t take it for that reason and the nursing majors forget their intro to biochem material as soon as they have to memorize every drug ever known to mankind.

But it’s really important!  Because every time you walk into the kitchen, you have decisions to make.  And if you don’t know your biochemistry, you maybe aren’t making properly informed decisions.

So I’m taking it upon myself to inform people.  I know this is a totally different direction for this blog.  Being a nerd isn’t for everyone, I know!  So if you read this and you’re thinking I’m off my rocker, I get it.  And if you used to subscribe to this blog (does anyone subscribe to this?  I have no clue)  and you’re like “this chick is too excited about science” unsubscribe- nothing personal.  Just that carbons and hydrogens are more than letters to me.  They can just be letters to you.  That’s okay.

But if science really does get you amped (MY PEOPLE!!) stay here 🙂


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