It’s Finally Friday

on February 15, 2013

Here ends the most exhausting week of this semester!!!

Quick recap for everyone:

OChem test on wednesday, not just any ochem test, but the hardest one of the year (I think I did pretty well, but only time will tell) as well as having a med tem test and anatomy test the day before.  Now as if a stressful test in the middle of the week as well as having 2 less stressfu ones before it weren’t enough to keep me busy, I was told that my housing plan for next year wouldn’t work out the way I wanted, and that my future roomies and I would do well to explore other options.

Well after feeling good about a test, we also found a house for next year!!

OH MY GOODNESS.  I can’t even get over the amount of design possiblities to come!  Here is my current hope for a headboard, I think it looks so cool!!

Pinned Image

So that’s whats new today, hope you all like it and have a fantastic night!


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