T’was an exciting day!

Okay, so it was a super good day today!  Today marks my first outdoor run of 2013!!  It was a good run, too!

Well the rest of the day was super boring, I studied biology, med term, organic chem and funn stufff of that nature.  But about halfway through the studying I needed a break!  And because there was a track meet in the gym, I  was left with the pavement as an option.  So I ran outside because it WAS above freezing today (winning!!)

And because I love leaving you with a picture, here’s a cool quote, and while I can’t get past the fact that it isn’t properly quotated, I really do love it!

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Alrighty I want people’s opinions here

As an avid gym-goer, I have a grievance to air, and I want to know if it’s legit or if I need to get over it.


Does anyone else hate hate HATE it when the person on the treadmill, bike, ellpitical (I think thats almost everything), or otherwise piece of cardiovascular endurence training equipment, next to you creeps on what you are doing???


Okay, so as a self-confessed competative person, I understand these people- they want to know how they measure up, if they need to speed up or if they are better than the skinny girl biking next to them.  Mostly, they are looking for a confidence boost.  BUT when they make their peek-age really obvious, aren’t they sort of being rude?  Doesn’t that violate some rule of gym privacy or someting?  I feel like it should.

So that is just a short rant (sorry for the rant!!) but I was curious as to what the general concensus is as to gym etiquette, so PLEASE weigh in with your opinions and tell me if I’m wrong.


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It’s Finally Friday

Here ends the most exhausting week of this semester!!!

Quick recap for everyone:

OChem test on wednesday, not just any ochem test, but the hardest one of the year (I think I did pretty well, but only time will tell) as well as having a med tem test and anatomy test the day before.  Now as if a stressful test in the middle of the week as well as having 2 less stressfu ones before it weren’t enough to keep me busy, I was told that my housing plan for next year wouldn’t work out the way I wanted, and that my future roomies and I would do well to explore other options.

Well after feeling good about a test, we also found a house for next year!!

OH MY GOODNESS.  I can’t even get over the amount of design possiblities to come!  Here is my current hope for a headboard, I think it looks so cool!!

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So that’s whats new today, hope you all like it and have a fantastic night!

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I don’t even know what to title this post

WOW!  I just went to go search something on the internet and found a news article about something totally unrelated and was so astounded, I had to tell someone, so why not you fine people?

So.  I was on yahoo, preparing to type in “fruit leather” because this post was going to contain my new recipe for it and my eyes glazed across the headline “‘World’s Fattest Man’ Loses 644 Lbs.”  Now if that doesn’t pique your curiousity, I don’t know what will.

So after reading, I just honestly couldn’t fathom losing 644 lbs.  But this guy did it!  Go him!!


In other news, I bought myself a Valentines day present, and I make a pretty good Valentine if I do say so myself!  I got two new workout shirts!!

Okay, maybe I only bought them because they were on clearence, but still, it was exciting to get a package in the mailroom, and get to wear one to the gym today.  I’ll have an easier time getting up early to go tomorrow, if I know I get to wear the other one!

So here’s my ‘single on Valentine’s day’ philosophy, I’ll share it so that anyone who may be a little annoyed about this particular event, may see it in a more positive light:

I am perfectly content to do what I want, when I want, to spend all my time in the gym, at work and doing school stuff and not having to explain to anyone why these are the priorities in my life right now and why they eat up all of my time, attention and energy for the time being.  AND it’s a fantastic excuse to have a girl’s night!!

On that note, everyone have a good one!


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I Hope You Still Feel Small When You Stand Beside the Ocean

Well I saw some of the most beautiful views of Lake Superior from the top of a ski hill!  They were so pretty that I had to share them with the world.

These are from the Lutsen Ski Resort in Minnesota

WP_000022 WP_000023 WP_000024

Now if standing there looking down what is as close to a mountain as I have ever been atop, I felt TEENSY TINY and was reminded of the song “I hope you dance”  Maybe because every time I take my socks off I think of it, too so it’s on my mind a lot (“I hope you dance” is tattooed on my foot).  Just thought I’d throw that out there so that now everyone has an AWESOME song stuck in their head!!

I just wanted to share those pictures so that anyone who doesn’t live in minnesota has the urge to come now, and everyone who does can take a minute to appreciate out frozen hell of a tundra- it was 10 below when we first hit the slopes yesterday!!

And to remind everyone that life is beautiful- I mean, look at those, who wouldn’t wanna stare at that while you ski down a black diamond, and that LIFE IS GOOD!  That one’s important, don’t forget it!

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