Hello From Duluth!

Remember that beautiful city on a hill that I talked about like… last year?  WELL I’M BACK!!  Not only am I back, but I am a Sophomore, so I am no longer the bottom of the college food chain!

I tried to come up with something cool or insightful to share, and then I realized that I have been studying for the pst two weeks, so I have no inshghts to things that aren’t Bio, Anat/Phys or OChem.

So if you have questions about bio, anat/phys or ochem, you know who to come to.  But if you’re normal (unlike me) and don’t really care about those things, stay tuned for something that’s hopefully a little more meaningful.

So ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you that today is 9/11.  So here is my thought for the day.  Whatever you a doing right now that may be otherwise distracting you, stop.




Kay, ready?



Just send a prayer (if you’re religious) or a thought (if you’re not) out to all of those who lost a loved one in the terrorist attacks.  This day will forever be a hard one for them to get though.  Also, send one out for the heros in our midst today who go oversees to fight for us and the ones who stay here and walk into burning buidings to save others every day.  Its important to appreciate those who put everything on the line for us every day.



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