OMG yumm again!

OKAY who’s in love with kind bars?  I am!  And I have a lot of friends who are too!  They are yummy and pretty healthy, so since those lovelies cost like 2 bucks a pop, I made my own.  You can too, and here’s how:

My favorite are the apple cinnamon ones that are sold at Starbucks, but you can make any flavor that sounds yummy to you.

1 1/2 C Nuts (I used slices almonds and chopped walnuts)

1/2 C Dried Fruit (I used apples)

1/3 C Rice Crispies

1/4 C Brown Rice syrup (NOW, when most people list stupid ingredients like this, I dismiss the recipe because I thought they were impossible to find.  WELL go to whole foods or  a co-op or something, because these are totally worth it!!)

a dash of salt

a dash of cinnamon

So combine your dry ingerdients then add in the syrup and stir until evenly mixed.  Line an 8×8 pan with tin foil and spray the foil.  (Thats important!!!)  Bake at 325 for 18 minutes.  Let cool for like 20 mins and then take the tin foil out of the pan and cut them while they are still soft.  Let them harden and then take them off of the tin foil to either eat or store!

They are yummmmmmy!!

NOTE: the KIND bar wrapper says they use honey.  Honey does not get crispy like rice syrup does, but you can use it.  Just use less and be prepared for some stickiness.

Now since these cost 2 bucks each, lets take a look at the cost breakdown of homemade ones.

Almonds- $1.50 (half of a $3 bag)

Walnuts- $1.50 (same here)

Apples- $0 (had them in the house)

Rice Crispies- >$1 (fraction of a $2 box)

Rice Syrup- >$1 (a fraction of a $6 jar- that stuff isn’t exactly cheapo but will make several more batches)

SO for a whopping $5, I made 10 bars.  Thats pretty good!!  These will totally make a return appearence in my house and in my apartment next year!

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OMG yumm!

So I discovered this pot of gold a long time ago, and remembered right now to share it with you all!!
We all know how healthy breakfast is, so this one will make sure you get your day off on the right note-

I eat this after a morning workout

-1 Serving of oatmeal, but when you microwave- add a tbsp of peanut butter, it melts and tastes really good!

– Then add a scoop of chocolate protein powder to your finished oatmeal!

-Eat with a side of berries and some black coffee!!


I seriously love this breakfast!  It has the healthy carbs from the oatmeal, fat from peanut butter, protein from the peanut butter and  protein powder and sugar from the protein powder and berries!  Just remember what a serving of oatmeal is because it is dense so it is easy to go over one serving on that!!

AND if you eat this after a workout, don’t forget to HYDRATE 🙂

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Things your coffee barista LOVES

So work has basucally become my life this summer.  So I’m going to take a positive spin off of my entry “a bit of advice for anyone who goes to coffee shops”  These are things that will make a coffee barista happier!

1) thank them for what they made for you.  Today I made someone a Java Chip Frappuccino.  The chocolate chips ran out after i had only put in half of the chips, so i opened a new bag to finish his drink.  He noticed that I opened a new bag and told me how much he appreciated that.  He said “you totally could’ve just left those out, but i really appreciate that you went through the trouble to put them all in.”  That made me feel so much more appreciated!

2) ask for their recommendation!  Baristas love sharing their coffee knowledge so ask what they like, or what’s good!  Even if what they say doesn’t sound good, ask what they think of the drink you are considering.  We like talking to people!!!!  Plus, if your barista has had a CRAZY day, they might just recommend a drink thats easy to make, which will make them happy too, if you take them up on the offer!

3) really, just dont be a crank.  if you get obnoxiously picky (and we understand a reasonable amount of pickiness with your drink- my drink order is a mouthfull, because i am so used to making it myself) with your drink, or which barista makes it (today i had a customer ask me not to make her drink, but that another barista make it because i have been away at college and might not remember how to make a coffee frappuccino with splenda.  WHAT?!?!?  i know how to do my job, lady!!) and be nice to us if we get it wrong (we arent coffee angels sent from God, or anything, we make mistakes just like you do!).  Hows this: we serve with a smile, so recieve it with a smile!

4) tips are ALWYAS good 🙂

See how simple it is to make a coffee barista’s day!!  try these tips out someday and watch the smale creep across your baristas face!!!!!

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Love thy Neighbor

Today I have one bit of advice for everyone:


I would like to ask everyone to be nice to people.  Be nice to people when you are having a bad day and don’t want to.  Be nice to people who don’t deserve it.  And be nice to service people- they serve 10 million people a day with a smile.  props to them.

I am sick of people being mean and denying love to people.  It does nothing for you to be mean to someone else.  While you might feel good about telling someone off initially, it is a temporary high.  It doesn’t last.  Love lasts.  You can only spread so much happiness to others without spilling some on yourself.

So today I challenge everyone to love.  To be nice to people and bring happiness to others because when you do, happiness will come to you too.


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Trying Something New

So today I was enjoying my do-nothing day.  I was painting my nails and reading my book and eating oatmeal.  Then the phone rang.
“Hi Amy, this is Super Target, we were just wondering if you wanted to come in to work the deli tonight”


Nothing ruins a do-nothing day faster than a call from work.

SOOO being the good employee that I am, I went.

I had worked one night in deli before and I had no idea what I was doing.

So tonight I tried something new!  It wasn’t necessarily fun, but it was something new.

So tonight we learned that even though doing new things isn’t always fun, it is something we need to do sometimes.  Tonight, I had to go to work to make money and learn more about deli.  So even though we don’t want to sometimes, try something new!

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My attempt at Astrology!

Except not really.  haha!  Today’s post is “What does your coffee say about you.”  I was talking about this with my boss yesterday and here was what we came up with!

Skinny Latte- you are generally a little more uptight person who is watching their caloric intake.  99% of the time skinny lattes go to women who come in dressed pretty cute.

Caramel Frappuccino (or cooler or otherwise blended coffee)-  you are a twelve year old girl who thinks that walking around with a coffee cup is super cool! (we all had our fair share of caramel frappuccino days, so no judgement, just a general fact)  OR you are an adult who needs a serious caffine fix but doesn’t really like coffee taste very much.

White Mocha- you like the sweet things, but regular mochas are boring, so you like to mix things up a little bit!

Black Coffee- why reinvent the wheel?  You like plain coffee so why fuss with everything else?  You are simple and low maitenence!

Lattes- You really enjoy coffee and like to treat yourself every once in a while.

Iced-double-tall-nonfat-caramel macchiato with half the vanilla and extra caramel.  Light ice.- If your order sounds like this, you are one of three things 1) a bit OCD, 2) enjoy making your order sound as cool as possible or 3) a coffee barista!

So yeah, if your drink is on here, let me know how accurate the baristas at Starbucks in Super Target WSP are!!

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