Time Flies

Okay, so we have all heard this phrase. It is even the name of a rap group! but I am sitting in bed. In my room. Without a roommate. On my second-to-last night in room 113 of Somers Hall. In a kinda empty school.

This feels eerily familiar. Kind of like when I first came here. I moved in early, and while my roommate’s stuff was here, she was on a canoeing trip. So it was just me and good ole’ 113. When I moved in early, the campus was pretty quiet, too. Just like today and tonight and tomorrow and the day after will be. And on friday, I will be going home.

SERIOUSLY has anyone seen my freshman year, because I let it get away from me, and it went too fast.
The number of awesome people that I met here is unfathomably high.
The number of unforgettable times I have had with those people is unreal.
And the fact that it is all coming to a close is NUTS!!

NOW most people would wonder WHY I am getting a little sad about being done with just 1 year of college (especially those who have not yet been there), but I think it has something to do with the fact that next year will be SO different than this year.
I will not be living in a dorm next year (YES!! and NO!!! at the same time.) Some of my favorite parts of freshman year will not be the same next year. I will never work a shift at the Port again. That is a bit sad to me. Now, I am excited to work at Beakers next year, but the port was a second home to me, and honestly, a lot of my friends. They could just stoll in the back door and pop up a squat and do homework with me. That will probably not be the case next year. And a few of my favorite people will find themselves elsewhere next year.
Well freshman year, it has been good knowing ya.

Dear sophomore year,
Please promise to bing as much happiness to me as the previous year. Please be full of fun, and growing and learning. Please help me to become the person that I am going to become. Please help me to meet the people who will help me become that person and please help me to edit out the people who will hinder me.  Please bring fun, but not too much fun.  Bring studying, learning and good grades, but not too much studying!  And most importantly, please bring me one year closer to being done with school forever.

love, Amy


Everyone enjoy the beginning to the SUMMERTIME!!

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seriously, this will stop!

OKAY this is my last, “I apologize about the month since my last post” post.

As of 2:40pm today, I have NO EXCUSE for not giving all my lovely followers a little something entertaining to read for the day, because COLLEGE YEAR ONE=COMPLETE!

So I have spent the last month or so studying for those stupid little things called finals.  But I am done, so LIFE IS GOOD!!  Today I am going to take a new twist on my most popular post and make a lovely list of COLLEGE IN COLORS!

Red- The color my friend Maggie turns whenever she gets even slightly embarrassed.  Or even when someone brings up anything remotely awkward!  (and if you know my friend kat, you now thats pretty often)

Orange- The color of the lanyard that holds my dorm key and college ID

Yellow- The color of trpoical Naked Juice.  MY FAVORITE!!

Green- The color of the Shamrock window clings that were on my mirror for MONTHS, but my roommate and I liked too much to take down

Blue- The color of BEAUTIFUL Lake Superior!

Purple- The color of all my high school apperal, which gets made fun of every time I wear it, but I stopped caring about a month into school!

Brown- The color of Coffee!  My best frannnd in college, and reminds me of my thursday nights at The Port

Black- The color of yoga pants.  A college girl’s favorite clothes!

So here are some lovely college pictures!!  Year I=DONE


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