Sometimes we college students tend to get a wee bit stressed out.  Por ejemplo: this morning, I had to give a 6-8 minute presentation to my class about Fidel Castro.  Easy, you say? Now translate that speech into spanish.  Difficult, you say?  Then pat me on the back because I did it!

However, I had some serious hurdles to jump over to get from where I was (cowering in the corner hoping that technical dificulties kept me from having to do my speech) to where I was (standing in front of the class and presenting my speech like a boss).

Pretty much. I never would have written and executed such a kick-ass speech without that help of my besties!

So this post goes out to all of the lovely friends I have that dealt me being a nervous wreck!!

To start out-


Okay- this probably isn’t the best photo of either of us because Maggie is even PRETTIER than this in real life!!  And last night before I went to bed, she gave me the logic that I needed to prove that I could muster a B on this!

But a quick bit about Maggie: She is one of the best atheletes that I have ever met!  She is training for a marathon right now!  Impressive, huh?  She is beyond smart and she is going to school to be a nurse!!


Next we have Jackie!!

And this picture here describes Jackie and my relationship perfectly!  Jackie is the freind that just yelled “you can do it” at me all day yesterday.  And look: she was right!!

So now a bit about Jackie: She is probably one of the funniest people you will ever meet!  She is a swimmer, and my nickname for her is jacked Jackie because she is seriously jacked and she is SO freakin nice!!



Kat is pretty Bendy!!  But she just tells you jokes to make you feel better!!!

And about Kat: She is a camo-wearing, deer-hunting, gun-shooting, cowboy boot-sporting country girl that I LOVE!!

And to see all about my roomie Kaitie, just search for the article called Best roommate ever!

So those are my lovely besties!!


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So I don’t know how many of you reside in the state I call home or hae even been here, but I think it is time I talked about home. I realize that I have spent the better part of my 18 years hating it because of our crappy winters, and only as I moved away from home did I learn to (sort of) appreciate it. So here are the top ten reasons why I like minnesota.
1) My family is here. As I moved away from home I realized how much I love my family and I understood why my parents put up with shoveling, snow tires and crappy roads for nine months out of the year. Because they are surrounded with the people they love. That sure makes leaving hard.
2) Cabins! I happen to have the BEST cabin in all of Minnesota (even though it is actually in WI- but my family has the best cabin out of all minnesotan’s cabins) It is past this small town called Cushing, WI and some of my most fond memories are at the cabin. It is one of my favorite places in the world.
3) Minnesota Nice. It probably sounds cliche but people are actually pretty nice up here. Sometime people from other places just blow me away with their rude-ness.
4) The warm summers. Even though the winters are crappy, summers are generally great!
5) THE GOPHERS! The best college sports teams EVER!
6) The Twins! They aren’t the best this year, but they have a few world series’ under their belts, so don’t count them out!
7) It’s PRETTY!! Especially Duluth!
8)Downtown Minneapolis!! It’s FUN and there’s tons of stuff to do!
9) You can chop down your own christmas tree! not that I have ever done this, but my friends who live in the boondocks all have!
10) It’s Minnesota. Need I say more??

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One. Month. Left.

HOLY WOW!  I have one month left until I am done with my freshman year of college.  I will be 1/7 of the way donw with my post-secondary education in one month.  How is that even possible???  So as I sit here this wednesday morning, I am just thinking about the ways that college has changed me, and the things that have changed since I have started college.

1) Well for one, I haven’t danced in months.  This is something I never saw coming.  EVER.  It is hard, and I miss it with all my heart, but I know that everything happens for a reason, so I’m just gonna trust that I will find my way back to that lovely sport someday (soon I hope).

2) I am no longer a vegetarian.  When I wanted to put on muscle, I decided that I need more than just peanut butter to bulk up.

3) I can no longer eat gluten.  See previous post.

4) I now know how to effectively handle and in the past few days, learned to shut out, almost entirely, girl drama.

5) I know how to study for a test 2 weeks in advance.

6) I survived my year without a car.  This may seem superficial and shallow, BUT think about the independence you lose when you go from having a car that your parents let you use whenever you need it, to suddenly having to rely on when someone with a car goes to Target just to get your hands on a bottle of shampoo.

7)  I am a runner!

8) I have a totally new group of friends who I see every day.  Not that I don’t still keep up with the high school friends, but I only see them over breaks which was SO hard to get used to!

9) I know cheap ways to find healthy food in college.

10) I have grown up.  I know how to live on my own, cook (kinda, sorta) for myself (when I need to), manage my time better, shop for my own food and stuff, and basically just be an adult.  I think that it took a whole year because there are so many things that I rely on my family for.  i rely on my momma and daddy help me when I don’t know what to do, and my sister to keep me laughing and my borther to share things that he’s learned about life with me to keep me from making his mistakes.  Well they can all still do that, but it is so not the same over the phone, and let’s be real- since I don’t get any phone service up here, my first reaction to a problem is to solve it myself, so that I don’t have to go looking for phone serice to solve it.  So it has been a year-long process and I probably still have a long way to go, but I am getting there!!

So here’s to an almost complete year of college!!

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Going Gluten Free

Okay, my apologies for being MIA again for like 2 weeks, BUT I have something decently interesting to talk about today…

So I am 99% sure I am allergic to gluten, and I don’t want to go through the hassle that is getting tested for ciliacs disease, so I am just going gluten free and rolling with it.

Here is what I have found about gluten free foods:

1) If you think about it, they are actually everywhere.  Any fruits and vegetables, most trail mixes, non-breaded meats andanything that is made specially Gluten Free.

2) GF foods are so much healthier.  If you think about it- I have to cut cookies, cake, bread, etc. out of my diet.  We all try to cut these out when we diet, well now I am forced to!

3) It’s really not that bad.  Now I have an excuse to eat a banana, grapes and a yogurt and call it a meal!!

4) THANKFULLY- a decent chunk of ice cream and candies are GF.  I think I would cry if not for this one.  M&Ms are just going to have to be my treat from now on!


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