Beyond amazing!!!

Okay get ready for this.  The. Best.  Brownies.  EVER!  We just sort of invented them 🙂

First thing you gotta do is whip up a package of brownie mix and a package of chocolate chip cookie mix.  Add extra chocolate chips and peanut butter chips.  LOTS of peanut butter chips!!

Then bake them, set the oven for the time and temp for the brownies and play around with it.

When the brownies are done poke holes in the top of them with a fork or toothpick.

Melt some nutella in the microwave and pour over the bars.

We call them- Orgasmic Bars!

here is what they look like:

Words can’t describe how wonderful these are!!!  Give them a try!!


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Tip for My dorm-dwelling college student readers!

Wanna make life a little more exciting?  Who doesn’t??  Here is something that my friend Kat and I found yesterday and tried out!


Bring these lovelies into the shower and draw on the walls for your fellow residents!  They wash off with a loofah sponge and water.

We wrote jokes on the walls, drew pictures and tons of other fun stuff.  We are talking about making sure we have those in our apartment next year so that we can write messages to eachother!!

trust me- these are worth the $3- they are super-duper fun 🙂

ANNNNND another good thing that I discovered last night was


Ben and Jerry’s Greek yogurt!  It’s super yummy!!  It is lower in calories and fat than regular fro-yo and ice cream and higher in protein, BUT according to the Huffington Post, they did put out this disclaimer on the dessert:

“The product, still regarded as an indulgent dessert, reaps the benefits of containing real Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is made through a traditional straining process allowing more of the whey to drain out, leaving a thicker, smoother yogurt rich and creamy in texture. While the protein is higher and the calories are lower than Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the company is positioning Greek Frozen Yogurt as a reasonable reward”


AND don’t forget that there are 4 servings in the pint, so don’t eat it all at once!!


That is all, my friends

Have a Fun and Safe Weekend!

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So on Mondays like today when I have 8am Spanish, I have such a hard time putting the 100% into school that I know I need to.  So the best way for me to remember to do that is to remember why I am here.  I remind myself that 7 years of hard work later, I will be spending my days with dancers and other atheletes helping them re-hab injuries.  Which is what I have wanted to do for the past 3 or 4 years.  It was especially cool when I was talking to my sister this weekend, who just started seeing a PT, and my sister said “I can see you being a really good physical therapist!”

So I have come up with a list of things that keep me motivated on mondays, and here they are:

1) I think about Target/Starbucks and how I could NOT spend the rest of my life there

2) I drink a latte

3) I eat some brain food

4) If necessary, I take a nap after spanish

5) If not necessary, I use all the motivation that my brain food and latte gave me and start tackling homework!

By the way- for anyone who cares about college hockey, the Gophers made it to the frozen four for the first time since 2005!  It was a good win yesterday for them and a huge leap ahead from where they were last year (losing out in the first round of playoffs)  So even though it’s still march madness, don’t forget about the hockey players of the world!!


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The Secret to Happiness

So to everyone who wants to know how to always be happy, keep reading, because I figured it out this afternoon and becasue I am so nice, I am going to share it with you!

Some of you will probably laugh when you read this, and think to yourselves “it took her 18 years to figure that one out?”  But the fact of the matter is that it did, and the important thing is that it didn’t take me longer.

So behold- The Secret to Being Happy All of the Time:

Don’t ever let other people control your happiness.  When someone tries to grab you and bring you down, just look at them and think “pshhh thank goodness I am stronger than you, ’cause I’m gonna stay up here in happy land.”  The fact of the matter is that there will always be people who bring unnecessary bullshit into your life and that bullshit stinks (to keep the analogy going ;D) so you simply need to turn your nose up at it and make sure you get out of that before you get it on your shoes.  If you let others bring you down, its like saying, “I don’t care if I have a good day or not, you pick.”  Seriously, don;t ever give anyone that authority.  So when someone asks for it (AKA- does something that pisses you off/offends you/ makes you mad/etc) go for a run, take a nap, talk to a best friend, whatever you do to get any potential anger out.  Because anyone who askes for the authority to make you angry, seriously need to get over themselves and they probably aren’t worth your time.  So surround yourself only with people who want to make you happy and who you enjoy making happy.  No one should ever have to put up with someone who only wants to see them upset.

So, again, this is basic. But I thought about all of this on my run today because I definatly had someone almost pull me down last night, so I am holding my head high, walking away from that and remembering that if they don’t want to make me happy, I don’t want to waste my time with them.

On that note, everyone have a happy day- just like every day should be 🙂




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In my mind, running is the best possible remedy for anything!

I started to love running this year and here are a bunch of reasons why you should too!

1) It is so good for you

2) It is something so many people say “I wish I could be a runner” now you get to say “I am” and make people envy you 🙂

3) It is a great time to have “me time.”


5) It is a great time to do nothing but listen to some good music and keep running



I am pretty sure I have put this picture in my blog before, but I LOVE it!!!

I went on a good run yesterday morning, and I can tell you- I did NOT wanna get out of bed yesterday.  BUT, I did and it was SO worth it because starting your day off with endorphins is such a good way to start off the day.  Plus- when you get a run in, showered and ready to go to work, and get half of a homework assignment done by 9:45, you feel really productive!

So just give it a try!!  Here’s how I did it:

The first day I ran, I only ran a mile on flat ground.  Then I ran a mile, and I added on one lap on a track, so if you just push a block or two further every day, soon you can run 6 miles and feel GREAT!!

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I’m Kinda Hungry

Something to try here:

A 24 hour fast.

Let me answer a few questions first, before any of you call my mother to tell her I’m not eating.

NO I am not anorexic.  I really do love food.  A lot.

NO I am not really trying to lose weight.

YES I am trying to be healthy.

So here’s why I am doing this.  A friend once mentioned that it was “good for you” to drink only water for a while day and not eat ANYTHING.  I didn’t believe him so I did what any smart health science major would do.  I googled it!!

Turns out he was right.

According to Brian Heater (some guy who wrote an article on 24 hour fasting on a 24 hour fast does the following:

1. It gives your body a rest from digesting solid food, which takes lots of  energy.

2. It helps cleanse your body system of toxins.

3. It can help alleviate illness and/or kick start your body into good  health.

Article Source:

And our friend Brian is no where near the only one who expresses these opinions.

NPR says:

Eventually the body burns up stored sugars, or glycogen, so less insulin is needed to help the body digest food. That gives the pancreas a rest.

Mattson thinks partial fasting has numerous benefits, from improving glucose regulation, which can protect against diabetes, to also lowering blood pressure. Some animal studies have also shown that partial fasting has very beneficial effects on the brain, protecting against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and stroke.

Partial fasting may even extend lifespan because eating less sends a message to the cells of the body that they should conserve and use energy more efficiently. says:

The digestive system is very grateful when it is given an opportunity to repose from the often never-ending process of digestion. When given this break, the body is able to shift its focus to healing other organs and areas that may be ill – not to mention the massive intestinal cleansing that fasting facilitates.

And a zillion other sites gave great reasons to fast for a day.

So my friends and I tried it.  I have 27 minutes left.  I honestly dont think I’m even THAT hungry.  It’s just the fact that I can’t eat makes me want food more.  Especially when I am at work and we have tons of food all over and I can’t drink a smoothie for 28 more minutes.  Well this is an exercise of my willpower!!

So if you feel like taking on the challenge, give it a try!!  I have no idea exactly how much I weighed before and dont plan on weighing myself after, so I can’t report on weight-loss benefits, but I hope it helps put the rest of my body in tune!



We could all use a little laugh every once in a while, so here are some lovelies I found on pinterest to get you laughing!

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Good ideas!!

How many of ya’ll like Pop-Tarts?

How many of you think that Pop Tarts could be made to taste better?

Behold- Homemade Pop-Tarts!!

Just cut up pie crust add jelly, use a fork to seal the edges and bake for 10 mins at 375!  Then take powdered sugar and add milk to form a paste and drizzle over the top when they are cool!  and you have a WAY tastier pop tart!  And it has way fewer calories!  the pie crust has about 140, the jelly about 20 and there isn’t enough glaze to make a huge difference.



Who loves chocolate chip cookies?

Who likes homemade chocolate chip cookies?

Who hates that they eat the whole batch when they make them?

Behold the cookie in a mug!

1 tbsp melted butter + 1 tbsp sugar + 1 tbsp brown sugar + 1 egg yolk + little less than a 1/4 cup of flour + a few drops of vanilla + a pinch of salt + chocolate chips to taste + microwave for 40-60 seconds= a chocolate chip cookie in a mug!!


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Hockey tourney weekend!!

So I did say that I would recap my week on fridays, but this is a good enough excuse to nix that tradition for a week to talk about the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tourney.

So in Minnesota, Hockey is kind of a big HUGE deal.  Especially at the High school level, because so many of Minnesota’s high school players either go play juniors and then play for a D1 team, or go play for a D1 team straight out of high school.  MN high school hockey is a BIG DEAL!!

So this year, all top four teams lost out in the first round.  SAY WHAT??

As my big brother says, anything can happen at the tournament, and right he is!

Here’s a pic of the X!  That lovely arena where the tourney is held.  They have hockey jerseys hanging up all around the place.

here’s the actual arena

18,000 were there last night!  18,00 people show up to watch a bunch of 16-18 year olds play hockey?  OF COURSE!!  there is no better way to spend the second weekend in march!

So if some of you reading this aren’t from Minnesota, you will probably never understand what a huge deal this is until you come live here, and those of you who do live here, be glad you live in a state with such an awesome event!

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Three- the number of classes I have today.  The number of shots of espresso I put in my coffee this morning (yes, I took a cup of regular coffee and added three shots of espresso to it!), because it was also the number of hours I slept last night, the number of unread emails I had in my inbox today- a new low!, the number of hours I have been awake so far, the number of times I checked my actual mail in the past 2 days waiting for my chem quiz to come back!!

Two- the number of quizzes I have today, the number of classes I have left, the amount of pairs of shoes I am bringing home for spring break, the number of siblings that I have that I can’t wait to see, the number of times I have been to-and-from Tower Hall today, the amount of makeup products that I put of my face this morning (foundation and mascara), number of days I will be at the hockey tournament over break.

One- Number of classes I have gone to today, the number of times I have eaten today, the number of quizzes I have left today, the number of minutes it will take me to fall asleep in my own bed tonight!!


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