A Bit of Advice for Everyone Who Goes to Coffee Shops

So I just came from work.  People were pissing me off left and right today and I was about to lose it when I realized that a lot of people probably don’t know that what they are doing is one of the big no-nos that piss off baristas.  So here is a list for everyone so you know the things that piss off your barista and could get you “de-caffed,” or charged for that extra espresso shot that most baristas normally won’t ring up unless you are really rude.

1) Walking to the register and babbling off your order without greeting your barista.  Or when your barista says “Hi, How are you today,” you reply with “grande vanilla latte”

Okay seriously this is rude on so many levels.  First off, you totally ignore that your barista is a PERSON and treat them as just a means for you to get a caffine fix.  Second, your barista has been sitting there ringing up drinks and making them all day, spending a lot of time by themselves at some coffee shops, so talk to them, because they have no one else to talk to but themselves or maybe another co-worker who they have been working with for 8 hours and have exhausted every conversation topic.

2) The infamous on-the-phone customer

Really people, it isn’t that difficult to say “I’ll call you back in 5” to whoever you are talking to.  We don’t care if you make a call while you are waiting for your drink, but whispering us your order while on the phone is just straight up rude.  This rule applies to texting too.  If you order your drink while staring at your phone and don’t bother to look up and make eye-contact with your barista, you may have already pissed them off, if they have a short enough temper that day.

3) Waiting in a mile-long line and not knowing what you want when you get to the front.

This isn’t rude to the baristas, but to your fellow customers, and we feel for them.  If you have a 5 minute wait ahead of you, use that time to decide what you want.

4) Not specifying a size

THIS IS AMERICA.  WE HAVE SIZES FOR EVERYTHING.  PICK ONE AND TELL YOUR BARISTA.  This applies to many other places, too: fast food restaurants, ice cream places, movie theatres, etc.  It really isn’t that difficult, and those people out there that, like me, have always included sizes in their orders, this may seem funny, but you would be surprised how many times a day I have to ask “what size?”

5) Being a pain-in-the-butt customer and then NOT tipping your barista for putting up with you

We don’t care if you switch you drink halfway through making it, or tell us after we steamed skim milk that you want 2%, if you put a dollar or a few coins in the tip-cup.  But for you to expect us to put up with your craziness for our crappy hourly wage is rediculous.  As a poor college student, I can tell you that tips go a long way in helping a student pay for things, so if you are a pain (even if you aren’t, your tips are always appreciated!!) please compensate your barista for putting up with you with a smile on his or her face.

6) Ordering drinks from some other coffee shop

Coming into Starbucks and ordering a Cooler is not going to go over well for you.  If you don’t know what your drink is called, feel free to ask your barista.  We go through a LOT of training to be able to help you with that stuff, and we really appreciate it when you ASK.  If a customer comes up and says “I’m sorry, I normally go to Caribou and I get a vanilla Cooler, what is that called here?” I will instantly like you 10x more than if you just came up and ordered a vanilla cooler.  I generally only go to Starbucks, because I work there, so I don’t really know of any drinks at other coffee shops, so please either look at the menu or describe your drink to a barista and they will be more than happy to help you out.

So I realize that this may seem like one big long rant, but they were things that I’m sure I was guilty of before I worked at a coffee shop, so I thought I’d put it out there, that these things do aggravate coffee shop workers, so now you know!!  Also, just remember that it is NOT EVER okay to be rude to a customer service worker who has done nothing to you.  They are just doing their job, probably working their way through school or supporing a family and the last thing they need is your drama to deal with.

Today, the challenge for everyone is to try to be really, super, extra nice to EVERONE!!  I’m not saying to sugar-coat everything, but be really sincere and genuine to everyone.  You could make someone’s day!  This is what I strive for every day and I can honstly say that you will lose nothing by being really nice.  In fact, you will probably gain friends and respect out of the deal, so give it a try!

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It’s a Great Day to be Alive

So yesterday I was going on and on about things I missed.  Well There are also a zillion things I am looking forward to  and even more things I am appreciating about the present!!  If you keep looking back on the past, you can’t really live in the present, or look forward to the future.

Right now I am sitting in my dorm room listening to good music with a tasty breakfast of yogurt and a granola bar and a chemistry quiz with a bag fat 100% on it in my book bag and a solid idea for my Spanish Paper in my head.  And this is going to be my hardest day of the week.  Pshh BRING IT, WEEK, I am ready for all that you can possibly throw at me!!  I am ahead on my homework, well rested, ready to beast the gym this week and ready for the fact that my spring break starts next wednesday.

In the words of Uncle Kracker, “Damn, It Feels Good To Be Me!!!” Seriously, it is impossible to not feel happy when listening to that song, so if you are having one of those days, listen to some Uncle Kracker and have some chocolate, it will make you feel 10 times better!!

On that note, I am off to chemistry to get smart and learn everything I need to learn to get another 100% on this week’s quiz!  I like to use the motto of a successful sports team when it comes to good grades- after every good grade I tell myself “let’s get another one,” just like sports teams do with goals/points/runs/etc.


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Laughed Until We Cried

First off- that is a great song, if anyone hasn’t heard it!

Second, I heard that song the other day and I almost started crying because I started thinking about how fast time has been flying!  I thought about all the fantastic memories from junior high and Cretin-Derham Hall and now the great times I have spent here in Duluth, not to mention the piles and piles of fun times I have shared with my family.  It is crazy how it feels like yesterday when I was going to CDH for the first time and it feels like a mere few hours ago that I was graduating High School.  I guess it never really hit me until right now.  Okay thats a lie; it usually hits me every year after the dance recital and I realize that what I have spent an entire year working towards is over.  I realize that never again will class do those dances together again.  Now it hit me that this year there IS no dance recital for me.  This was probably one of the saddest realizations ever.  I really don’t mean to  be a Debbie Downer, it’s just something I noticed.

So when the words Great Memories are said, you all know you have a few good ones that come to mind.  Here are mine:

10) My best friends and I went to my Cabin last summer and laid out on my raft in the sun for HOURS!

9) Thursday Night Craziness at the Port

8) Eighth Grade trip to Duluth

7) Road Trips with the family

6) Dance Recitals

5) Friday Bus trips to Canal Park this fall

4)  Friday and Saturday night Hot tub nights with by besties junior and senior years of High School

3) Dance Pasta dinner this past year

2) Building the Bunk house at the cabin, and getting to go up there every weekend

1) Laying on the beach with my family

These were all the first things that came to my mind when I thought of good memories!!  Thanks to all you lovelies out there who helped create them!  You are all wonderful people and I love you to the moon and back!!  On that note, create good memories this week.  Do something fun that you will think about next week, next month or tell your grandkids about in 50 years, and think “wow that was awesome!”


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Lazy Sundays

Anyone else LOVE lazy Sundays?

First thing about lazy weekend days that can make your day instantly good is a good breakfast.  Today mine consisted of 1/2 an apple cinnamon waffle, yogurt and fruit and a poppyseed muffin.  YUM!!  My great breakfast yesterday was cold pizza!

Then you have to be wearing good “lazy day” clothes. This means sweats, workout shorts, and tee shirts.  I don’t bother dressing up on lazy days because I don’t do my makeup anyways so I might as well look the part of a girl taking a lazy day.

And finally, what to do on a lazy day?  Do homework and watch movies!!  aw yeah!!  I might make my way to the gym later, but for now, I’m taking a lazy day!



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My week in colors

So sorry I have been MIA the past week. I don’t really know why I haven’t posted anything but I’m a about to give you a recap of my week in colors.  So, without further ado…

Red is the color my face gets when I’m workin hard in the gym or passing time with my girlies in the sauna.  Both of these things bring me a LOT of joy!!

Orange is the color sticky note hanging on my cork board that has “Cedar 126” written on it.  That, my friends, is going to be my home next year!!  Last week we picked our apartment!!

Yellow is one of the colors on the tye-dye shirt I made at the end of last week with my friends and cut into a cute tank top the other day!

Green is for St. Patty’s day!!  It’s in less than a month and I kind of have to love that holiday because I have a lot of Irish in my family and I pretty much look like I jigged out of Ireland, myself.  I have dark, curly hair, pale skin and freckles!!

AW YEAH!  WE HAD BLUE SKY IN DULUTH THIS WEEK!!  Kay, we also had snow, but I was pretty jacked about the blue sky and sun.

Purple would be the color of my duffle bags, because I went home last weekend!

Pink is the color of frosting that we are using in our cake pops that we are making tonight!  GIRLS NIGHT TAKE II!!! 

Maroon is for our hopes for a GOPHER WIN tonight and tomorrow!!!

Brown is for all of the coffee I have drank this week and the amount of time I have worked this week, I worked a LOT!!  Thank goodness for good friends who came and visited me so that I didn’t DIE of boredom at the port!!  (Shout-outs to Maggie, Jackie, Kaitie, Tasha, Jillian, Andrea, Andre, Tyler, and Cody!)

Black is for sleep.  I probably should’ve gotten more this week.  Well as I always say- the nights you got pleanty of sleep are not going to be the nights your friends back home want to hear about!

Grey/silver makes me think of my cool new glitter nail polish!!  It’s a top-coat with silver sparkles 🙂  LOVE IT!

So THAT, was my past few weeks and a slight preview of the weekend!!



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I don’t know how well many of you know me, but those of you who do, know that I fell in love once.

I was eight.

It happened the november day that I first set foot in a dance studio.

Dance has pretty much been a gigantic part of my life ever since.  Till right now.  And it’s kind of hard not having dance in my life.

Last night my sister and I watched the State Jazz dance meet and it was super fun but it made me miss dance so much!

It made me think of why I liked to dance so much, and here are the reasons that I came up with

1) That feeling when you NAIL a jump, turn, or any other cool skill

2) The tingleing in your stomach when you are onstage and ready to dance, but waitng for the music to dance

3) The glitter

4) The round of applause that you get in the middle of a dance when the class does something impressive

5) The pride when you get a standing O

This is me and my little sis in our pointe shoes!

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My obsession

Anyone ever work a pair of Nike running shorts?

I have been living in these things the past week!  I have worn them practically everywhere (except work) and I live in Duluth and it’s cold out. Thats how great these things are!!  Plus, I can officially say that I have worn shorts on a 25 degree day!

I just felt obligated to share the awesomeness that is these shorts with the rest of the running/workout world, in case you have’t already heard.



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So I’m coming to realize that no matter how down-to-the-letter I plan things, they are going to change and nothing will go as I expect it to.

Like this weekend, for instnace.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it was a good weekend.  But the sioux beat UMD the night I was at the game.  It was pretty sad, especially considering that the Bulldogs played like crap and the refing at the game was TERRIBLE.  But our seats were beautiful!

Haha we got to the game a little early… but the place was sold out!!  I had 2 friends who tried to buy their tickets before the game and they got saddled with standing room 0nly.  Good thing Jackie and I bought our tickets months ago!

Well then the dogs came back to win one yesterday.  Somehow the gophers managed to lose both games this weekend to a 14th ranked team.  What was going on boys?

So then comes girls night.  Well Jackie and Kat both decided to go home.  So then we invited our friend Chris to come cuz we figured our girls night was already a bit of a fail.  He brought his friend Joe and they saw Starwars 3D and we saw The Vow.  Which wasn’t a very good movie.  Then we came back and made Cake Batter fudge and played Blokus.  I’m awful at that game but it was fun.  Then we went to McDonalds at like 2am and then chatted in the lounge for like an hour.  Yeah it was super fun, but Maggie and I had this night planned to the minute, and it didn’t exactly go as planned.

So right about now I’m thinking that it’s those unexpected things that “just pop up” and dont go how you want them to, that turn out the best.  Last weekend I had planned to do absolutely nothing at work on saturday because I was so tired.  Well I wound up getting all my homework done and could then go to my cousin’s SuperBowl party.  I guess God just has a way of knowing when our plans are gonna suck, so he throws us some new ones. Thanks for lookin’ out for me, God!


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Finally Friday!

Anyone else love that beautiful feeling of accomplishment when you get to the Friday of an exhausing and difficult week?

I DO!!

As with everyone, I had a few setbacks, especially at the beginning of the week, and I still have another week like this coming up, but its Friday, and I’m still alive and well, so I call this week a success!  Especially after I just beasted my chem test 🙂

So for all ya’ll who are wondering how I’m gonna be celebrating this weekend, here comes the answer…

First, we have a small shopping outing with the girls in a few hours.  It won’t be super long, nor will I probably buy anything.

Then tonight my friend Jackie and I have tickets to see the UMD bulldogs take on (and hopefully beat) the UND fighting sioux in hockey!  Win or lose it will be a good game!


We have a HUGE girls night planned!  Go see The Vow.  Then come back to school and make cake batter fudge and mint fudge and Kat wants to make homemade chicken nuggets.  Then we are going to dye Maggie’s hair and all read cosmo and do facials!  sounds like an AWESOME night to me!

Enjoy your weekends!!


Kaitlin Heenie. Best Roommate EVER.

**First off- I don’t want my little sis to take the title personally- Ellie, we had some good times when we were 5, but we were too little to consider you a roomie.  But you’re still my bess frannn!

That’s her- the awesome lookin’ one on my back!

So Kaitie has been my roommate for about 5 months now, and will be my roommate at least through the end of the year next year.  Kaitie is pretty much the prefect roommate for me because in the words of our friend Maggie “You two both make small messes in the room, and the other doesn’t care.”  Let me set a few things straight here.  1) yes that is true.  2) Our room really isn’t that messy.  We DO clean up said messes.  And 3) Kaitie and I are both just really chill people and THATS what Maggie was getting at and THATS why we get along so well.

So a little about Kaitie:

Kaitie is from Victoria Minnesota.  She’s a chocolate loving rock climber who loves to bake, eat and workout.  She loves Cities 97 radio and hates obnoxious open-mouthed chewers.  She’s probably one of the best artists you will ever meet and gives the best advice.

Well that’s Kaitie in a nutshell.

Here’s a goofy pic of us:

And here is some of her art- this is one of my faves 🙂  She’s pretty talented, huh?

This is hanging on our fridge!

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