Insanity Day 2

Well today lets say on a scale of one to Child Birth, I was about a 5 in the way of pain.

But I love it and heres why: yesterday, I started the hardest workout ever put on DVD.  Obviously I couldn’t do everything, and I would hae to stop to catch my breath more often than in any other workout.  But today I have cold hard proof that despite those 3-second breathers, I worked HARD, and it is paying off!  Here’s how you know it’s paying off (anatomy lesson for the day.  Remember, I AM an exercise phys major): Muscle soreness is because lifting and strenuous activity tears at your muscles.  They are repairing adn getting bigger and stronger when they are sore.  So next time you think that being sore is a great excuse to not workout, remember to push through it!  Ice, Heat, Stretch and Advil are the magic four that will make it better.

So how did day 2 go, you ask?

It went alright.  Better than yesterday!  Escpecially because the bestie Julia came and did it with me!

We were proud to be done and about to enjoy our protein shakes and a hot tub!

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Insanity Day 1

So how insane is Insanity?


It was the hardest workout I have ever done!  And that is saying something seeing as we used to have to run our 4 minute kick dance 4 times in a row when I was on dance team.

I was panting at the end of the warm up.  The first circut was the hardest I guess, and it got easier by the end.  The nice thing is that it is only 40 minutes.

Tomorrow will be a bit hard to drag myself to the basement to do it AGAIN, but I have a friend who wants to come over and do it with me, so maybe that will make it a bit easier.

I’ll report on the soreness tomorrow.  I did pound a protein shake tonight, so hopefully it wont be too bad.

Wish me luck!!

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Vera Bradley

Totally unrelated to anything and everything relating to working out, has anyone ever shopped at Vera Bardley?

If the answer is “no”, then please bring yourself to a Vera Bradley store (Mall of America) or to and join in on my addiction.

Seriously, I know it seems overpriced when you first look at everything, but if you buy stuff on sale, its pretty doable.  It’s also really well made so it’s worth the extra money.  Just a few of the things I have invested in are…

The first was the first bag I ever bought and its super spacious and I love it!!  It’s the same pattern, but it is blue and green, not yellow and pink.  The second is a cross-body that is super convient.  The third is my new winter purse and its amazingly large, and the handles are awesome!  The wristlet is super nice because it fits my phone, camera, ID, cards, cash, everything!  I got the 2 duffel bags for christmas for coming home from college.  The cosmetic box is perfect for keeping all my stuff in one place in my dorm and finally, the headband that I bought for a bunch of people for Christmas.  It’s really cute!

So…Pretty much… I’m an addict.  This is what I save my money for.  I think they are awesome so I thought I’d share the awesome-ness.  Didn’t feel like blogging about my workout today, because I was still sore from Jillian yesterday… haha.

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Anyone ever tried it?

I’m about to!  My family got it for christmas and I’m stoked to try it while I’m home!

Today, however, I just did a Jillian Michaels video that my parents had laying around.  It was HARD!!  I’ll do better tomorrow though!  Everyone keep working hard even though it’s the holiday season!  In fact, that’s even more reason to keep working hard!


blenders and skating

Now I don’t have to go to my work to blend my protein shakes!

It was super cheap though, so I just hope it works.

Now on a totally unrelated note- who loves skating?

I DO!  my friend Julia and I had a skating day today and let me tell you, it was so fun!!
If you haven’t been skating before, try it.  If its been a while, dont worry, its like riding a bike, you can’t forget how to skate.  And if you skate all the time, I am jealous of you!

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1/14th of the way done!

As of right now, I have 1 semester of college down and 13 to go before I officially become a Physical Therapist!

Just wanted to have a bragging moment for that  because since I will be driving back to the Twin Cities today, odds are, I won’t be working out.

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Oh My Goodness!  I forgot just how stressful finals are!  This is nothing compared to high school finals, but I haven’t had to deal with high school finals since last May.  So now I’m stressed out trying to ace all of them.

I have spent the last few days locked in my room nerd-ing it up with my textbooks, and I now sit here with two finals done and two more to go!

So how should one manage stress best?  Some people, like my roomie, sleep.  Some people like to meditate, some people need to get stuff done, and some people like me hit the gym.

So thats what I’m off to do because I was too busy all weekend.



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Okay, so it’s finals time in college, and lets be real, it’s time to sort out your priorities and get s*** done!!!

So where do my priorities lie?

Well for one, I can’t let my stress level go through the roof, so working out is one of them.

I gotta get my school work done so there’s number 2.

Then I suppose Christmas shopping comes in with the bronze.

The wooden medal would have to go to working.

And good ol’ number 5 goes out to the people who I have helped with their finals and papers.  (roommate’s paper, Tyler’s spanish, Chris and Ashley’s Chem)

When I look at that list, I feel pretty darn good about how my life is going right now!  I am less than a week,  and 3 pretty darn stressful tests away from winter break and that thought brings a HUGE smile to my face!  I’m gonna go home and hang out by the fire, and eat my parent’s cooking and do insanity with my dad, and hang out with my sister and brother 🙂  what a fantastic thought!

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Two-A-Day’s Anyone?

Anyone ever tried the amazingness that is a two-a-day workout?  I know we all are used to hearing that phrase only at the end of ths summer when the football team is complaining about their obnoxious practice schedule.  But, let me tell ya, this is the way to go!

Yesterday my friend Maggie and I hit the gym right about 10am.  We did cardio (which for both of us consists of an ellptical because of shin splints) and a bit of whatever else we both wanted.  I did a nice long dance-team esque stretch and a lot of ab exercises for about an hour and a half in total.

Then about 4pm, we both felt like we wanted to go back!  So why not?  We did a bit more cardio and I lifted.

Let’s just say my condition this morning is a fair indicator of how hard I worked yesterday.  I am soo sore, but that won’t stop me from getting to the gym again at 4pm today!

Sadly, I had class this morning, so I will probably only hit the gym once today, so I will just have to make that one time count!

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How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty relaxing.  I baked cookies, hung out with friends, wrapped christmas presents and planned others’.  It was pretty good, all-in-all.

Motivation is something that seems to be seriously lacking in my life right now.  Finals are coming up, and I want to get good grades in all my classes, but I also just want to go home!

But I’m talking more about motivation to eat healthy and work out.  I mean it IS christmas, the time for cookies and candy!  So here’s what my roomie and I did.  We put a smallish picture of a really fit girl on the back of our door, and a post-it that said “go to the gym.”  The hope then, is that we will see that every time we leave the room, including when we go to the dining hall, so we will remember to eat healthily, and so we will “get to the gym.”


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