Eating healthy in college is HARD!!  but its totally doable, so here’s my advice to help all you struggling healthy eaters on a budget.

1) I know I shouldn’t be condoning this, but take stuff from the dining center.  We take more apples than the school could ever track.  I once waltzed out of there with 3 in my pockets… whatever I paid for the meal plan, so I want my money’s worth.

2) If you can take to-go meals, use a meal after you are done eating one day and load up on the fruits, veggies and stuff that you can’t afford to buy at the store and keep it in your room for snacks.  This way, when you get super hungry at 9PM, you don’t have to make a trip to the vending maching for junk!

3) Two words- Frozen Fruit.  Its cheap and almost just as healthy as regular berries and stuff without the added sugar of canned fruit.  Heat the fruit up and eat it with yogurt and granola, or with some Fro-Yo or just plain with a little REAL sugar on top.

4) Treat yourself.  Im gonna be totally honest- my roommate and I, and my friend Maggie across the hall and my friend Jackie who is Maggie’s neighbor all have a LOT of candy in our rooms.  It is all about willpower and the idea that if you treat yourself a little every day, you are less likely to binge on junk later.  I follow that philosophy and I have lost 5lbs since going to school (I have also put on a lot of muscle) so that idea is actually legit.  Use that rule but don’t abuse it!

5) No matter how healthy you eat, get your booty to the gym, or on a run or an intramural sports team.  I have a few reasons for holding this opinion- a.-because its healthy, b- because it’s fun and c- because there are attractive members of the opposite gender at all of the above activities and places 🙂

And just while I am on the subject of sports, can I ask ya’ll to attend just one sporting event at your schools?  I have noticed school spirit is kind of lacking on college campuses.  Not only mine, but UMD’s as well.  So put on you’re school colors and cheer loud of your team!  Every athelete, no matter who they play for, just wants a student section cheering them on!


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Weekend off!

Lets get real here, who actually worked out this weekend?


A decision i’m probably going to regret tomorrow, but whatever!

okay, thats a bit of a lie, because I did run a solid four miles at home on wednesday… but that was before I ate a piece of mom’s pumpkin cheesecake and all of that chocolate chip pie…

Now that I have the wellness center across the street from my room, I have a constant reminder to GO WORK OUT!!

So of anyone has suggestions of how to get back on your workout plan after a weekend of no exercise and poor diet… I’m begging you to comment and share your wisdom!!


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Whaddup blogging world??

Guess I have joined the club of bloggers.  I think this is going to be about being active and fitness and stuff, but who really knows what direction this thing is going in?

On a totally unrelated note, I have to bring up  the subject of coming home from college.  It is just kind of strange to come home to a town that has totally moved on without you.

I went back to work at the Target that I have worked at since I was a junior in high-school.  I feel like I know no one!  I don’t have the same boss, and everyone that I uesd to work with has since moved on to bigger and better things.

In addition, they put a stoplight on the exit ramp between highway 13 and 35.

Another thing that changed is that my parents parked the BIG van that my mother used to drive.

My dad is coaching my cousin’s squirt C hockey team.


Then again, I suppose I have changed a bit too…

On a note that IS related to what this blog is supposed to be about- I have changed a lot.

I have picked up running, resumed eating meat, started lifting weights, and lots of other things, I’m sure.

So stay tuned to see what happens with this blog…

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